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AgCarE is an evaluation of your natural capital, including an initial audit of carbon and biodiversity assets. 

AgCarE is a tool to tell you where you stand, to tell your story if you choose, and to monitor your progress and identify the people and methods best able to help you do it.


AgCarE is your first step, but also a critical link to the very best of public and private natural capital tools and markets. 

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AgCarE provides landowners with direct benefits including: 

  • Improving sustainable production of traditional agricultural commodities 
  • Providing access to natural capital markets such as offsets, biodiversity, and carbon 
  • Reducing risk profile and improving rural finance arrangements with banks 
  • Reducing insurance premiums due to better evaluation of property asset risk 
  • Assisting determination of real-property value for sale and purchase of property 
  • Advancing social license for landowners in managing landscapes and selling sustainably produced commodities  
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Levels of evaluation

AgCarE is based on national and international standards for environmental sustainability.  


AgCarE evaluation is delivered at three optional levels: 



Either voluntary or third party verified assessment using ecological values, carbon balance, and basic management activities modules. 



Either voluntary or third party verified assessment above basic modules with addition of commodity and sustainability modules. 



Combination of any set of modules, verified by a third party, or partner organizations certify additional aspects. 

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Program governance

A reference panel has been established to verify the scientific integrity of the program and advise on effective governance certification and audit. Members include the Chief Scientist of Queensland and other eminent scientists involved with biodiversity, offsets, biocondition, soils, water, vegetation, farm business, and drought management. 


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